Have Damaged Vinyl Siding? Know How To Fix It

11 October 2019
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Do you have vinyl siding on your home that is damaged? If so, you'll likely be looking into how to replace it with a new piece. Here are some tips that will help you replace a section of vinyl siding. Have The Right Tools It will help if you have the right tools for the job when it comes to removing vinyl siding. Your local home improvement store should sell a siding removal tool, which is a piece of metal with a hook on it that is designed to help remove damaged shingles. Read More 

Debris Removal After A Fire Or Disaster Damage To Your House

27 April 2019
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No one ever wants to deal with a major fire or damage from a natural disaster, but if you have an incident that causes a lot of damage, the cleanup is going to require some planning, and a place to put the trash and debris. Renting a construction dumpster is one option that you may want to consider. Rent the Right Size Dumpster Construction dumpsters are available in many different sizes and can hold a variety of different materials, making your clean up a little easier. Read More 

3 Potential Reasons Why Your Tree Looks Unhealthy

16 March 2019
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Do you have a tree growing on your property that doesn't seem to be doing too well? Are you thinking about just cutting it down and starting over? Depending on the type of tree, simply cutting it down may not solve the issues that are at the heart of why your tree is looking under the weather in the first place. There are a number of reasons why your tree might be looking unhealthy, many of which can be remedied by a professional. Read More 

2 Reasons To Choose Professional Carpet Cleaning Over DIY Remedies

30 November 2015
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If stains cover your carpets, you may want to use DIY home remedies to clean them. Although some DIY carpet solutions may remove the stains without causing health problems, treatments like ammonia mixed with baking soda or vinegar, can be very dangerous for your health. It's a better idea that you have your soiled carpets professionally cleaned. Here are two reasons to choose professional carpet cleaning over DIY remedies. Removes Deep Stains From the Backings of Your Carpet Read More 

Three Ways To Find The Right Plumber For Your Job

12 October 2015
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When you have an issue in your home that requires the skill and experience of a plumber, like those at Lewis Plumbing,  simply calling the first name you see in the classified section of your local newspaper isn't necessarily the best strategy. Instead, putting a little extra effort into the process of finding a reputable plumber in your area who suits you budget can help ensure that you're satisfied with the job's end result. Read More