3 Important Details Your Plumber Learns From A Video Sewer Inspection

19 March 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


When you have trouble with a sewer clog, leak, or backup, your plumber might recommend a video inspection of the sewer line to understand the nature of the problem. While a clog might seem like the obvious answer, a video of the inside of the line gives the plumber information needed to determine the right method for repairs. Here are some important details a video sewer inspection might show.

1. Corrosion Inside The Pipe

A common method for sewer cleaning is hydro jetting. This is like using a pressure washer inside the pipe. The powerful streams of water blast the sides of the pipe to get it clean from wall to wall. If the pipe is corroded and starting to wear away inside, hydro jetting might blast through the weak corroded area and cause a pipe leak that makes your drain problems worse.

You plumber can instead choose to snake out the clog with an auger and inform you of the condition of the pipe so you can make plans to put in a liner or replace the pipe before it starts leaking.

2. Gaps In Pipe Joints

Pipe joints can work loose over the years due to ground shifting or tree roots working on the pipes. When a gap appears in a joint, wastewater could leak out and tree roots will have easy access to the inside of the pipe. Tree roots are a big problem since they can completely fill a sewer line and close it off.

When a video inspection shows gaps in the joints, the plumber knows that snaking or hydro jetting is only temporary because the roots will grow back. They might suggest pulling a liner through the pipe to seal the joints, or you might want to try products that kill tree roots so the roots stay out.

3. The Depth And Location Of The Problem

A video camera is great for sending back pictures and video of the inside of the pipe as the camera moves through it, and it can also relay the location of the camera as it moves underground. This is helpful information when your plumber is thinking about the best way to make repairs when digging up the pipe might be necessary.

The camera sends a signal and lets the plumber pinpoint the exact location of the damage so the plumber doesn't have to dig up your yard just to look at the pipe or find the area that has damage.

After having a video sewer inspection to view and show you, your plumber can decide on the right repairs and show you the reason they're necessary. Your plumber might even do a follow-up inspection to show you how the repairs solved the sewer pipe problem.