Have Damaged Vinyl Siding? Know How To Fix It

11 October 2019
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Do you have vinyl siding on your home that is damaged? If so, you'll likely be looking into how to replace it with a new piece. Here are some tips that will help you replace a section of vinyl siding.

Have The Right Tools

It will help if you have the right tools for the job when it comes to removing vinyl siding. Your local home improvement store should sell a siding removal tool, which is a piece of metal with a hook on it that is designed to help remove damaged shingles. 

The tools work by inserting the tool underneath a siding panel to help disconnect it from the panel below it. You pull back the siding a small amount to fit the special tool under the panel. Then you gently pull on the vinyl siding panel until the connection point is loose. Once you have a big enough gap in the siding, you can pull back on the material to dislodge it from the entire panel below it. 

Remove The Nails

You should now be able to pull back on the good piece of vinyl siding to reveal the nails that are holding the bad vinyl siding in place. You will need to remove the nail with a claw hammer or pry bar that has a claw tool on it. Avoid damaging the siding material on top when removing the nail. 

You should now be able to pull on the damaged piece of siding material and completely remove it.

Save The Damaged Panel

Do not rush to throw out that old vinyl siding panel just yet. If the damage is only in a small part of the panel, know that you can save the siding by cutting out the damaged portion. You can then save that remaining portion of siding in case more becomes damaged in the future. 

Attach The New Siding

The replacement siding panel should hook onto the bracket underneath the siding where it needs to be secured with nails. You'll want to avoid using the same holes that your old vinyl siding used. You can then use the siding removal tool to reattach the new panel. Reach underneath the two panels, grab the bottom lip, and pull down until the tool locks the old panel into the new panel below it. 

Reach out to a siding contractor if you need assistance replacing a damaged panel of vinyl siding or any other siding services