Custom Shower Niche Ideas: Four Ways To Upgrade Your Shower

23 July 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Niches keep your shower neat and tidy by putting soaps and shampoos in one convenient location, but they can also add beauty to your shower as well. if you are looking to upgrade your shower, talk to your contractor about the following options to create custom shower niches.

Contrasting Tile

One way to make your shower niche a showcase in the bathroom is to choose a contrasting tile design. Subway or mosaic tile in a bright color draws attention to the niche and creates a custom look, and choosing a different tile pattern in the same color can deliver a dose of subdued style. If you are considering adding a niche with multiple shelves, try adding tile in three separate colors or styles to create an eclectic look.

LED Lighting

Adding LED lighting to your shower niches can make items easier to see, and it's also a great option if you'll be using at least some of the niches in the bathroom for decor pieces, such as decorative soaps and candles. Work with your contractor to install lighting strips at the top or bottom of each niche for a beautifully lit look. You can also choose recessed lighting for niches situated away from the water in a large shower. If you'll be installing niches elsewhere in the bathroom, extend your lighting concept to them as well.

Framed Edges

You can create a finished look by having your contractor add framing around the edges of each niche. This framing can be tile or even decorative concrete, so be sure to discuss the different options to find the perfect look for your decor theme. Your contractor may even be able to create decorative tile work that extends beyond the edges of each niche to create a stunning look on your shower wall.

Wraparound Niche Design

For a large shower built into two or three walls, a wraparound niche can create a bold style statement. This niche can be slightly shorter than some of the other designs you might have seen, as you are expanding your storage availability throughout the entire shower. You can choose one continuous niche that spans each of the walls, or you can have your contractor install dividers at certain intervals. The dividers make it easy to assign some spaces for storage and some for decorative accent pieces. Adding LED lighting to this option can brighten the space and make soaps and shampoos easier to find.

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