Vinyl Floors Are An Amazing Kitchen Upgrade

26 September 2018
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As far as kitchen remodels go, the floor is one thing you should focus on. A new kitchen floor is going to give your room a dramatic facelift, but it is also going to change the way that you maintain and clean the surface. Basically, vinyl floors are both stylish and easy to take care of. This article explains the various advantages of vinyl floors and the most important differences between different vinyl styles.

Types of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring usually comes in two forms—sheets and planks. Planks are made to look like one piece of wood. Sheets are made to look like several planks. So, one plank basically looks like 3 to 6 planks. Sheets are usually quicker and easier to install because there are few seams to deal with. In general, planks look more authentic because the seams are big part of the floor style. However, since each plank does have a seam in between it, they might need more intense cleaning. Dirt, lint, hairs, and moisture can be caught in the seams, even if they are installed correctly. The seams are usually the weakest part of any plank floor, no matter what it is made out of. So, with fewer seams, you are less likely to have problems with a sheet style floor.

It is also worth noting that planks might be easier for DIYers to install, just because they are smaller and easier to handle. They can be cut with smaller tools, and there is more room for error.

Maintaining a Vinyl Floor

The best thing about vinyl floors is that they don't need to be cleaned with any special chemicals. Any generic floor or surface cleaner will work with vinyl. There is very little risk of vinyl becoming discolored or stained due to using the wrong cleaning liquid. Also, the super strong outer layer cannot be easily stripped from the vinyl.

As with any floor, vinyl can always get scratched or gouged, even though it is unlikely. If this happens, you just need to patch it. Vinyl patching compounds are affordable and easy to work with, even if you aren't particularly used to this type of work.

In the end, vinyl is a material that is perfect for flooring and it is even more ideal for a kitchen floor because it can withstand heavy foot traffic, big food spills, and all of the moisture in the room.

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