4 Reasons To Choose A Tankless Water Heater System For Your Private School

30 November 2017
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Whether you run a small academy offering classes to a few homeschoolers or a boarding school with hundreds of students, your private school can benefit from upgrading your water heating systems. Modern tankless units are perfect for the challenges of supplying schools with the hot water needed for handwashing, kitchen demands, showers, and even laundry facilities. Find out why tankless water heaters make the most sense for today's private schools.

Saves Space

Since private schools are built with donations, fundraisers, or loans, it's essential to make the most of every square inch of the facilities. Tankless water heaters take up around one third of the size of a tank storage-style water heater for a large scale purpose like a school. Reducing the amount of space necessary for storing the heaters is helpful whether you're building a new facility or retrofitting an existing space. By removing an over-sized tank-style water heater, you can make room for other maintenance and utility equipment in the extra space.

Reduces Maintenance and Downtime

Classes and after-school activities don't stop just because your water heater is broken down or acting up. Tankless water heater systems are designed with multiple heating units, with the exact number depending on the total peak demand for hot water. Setting up the right system allows for continuous supply when one or more units go down or develops a problem. The functioning heaters pick up the extra work to maintain the same supply of heat until the malfunctions are repaired.

Prevents Scalding

In a school setting, even older students can accidentally burn or scald themselves if your water heater is turned up too high or malfunctions and starts overheating. Tankless water heaters have more safety features to prevent overheating, and the digital temperature controls on these units allow you to set the temperature with absolute precision. Some commercial tankless water heaters even offer wireless monitoring capabilities so you can always check that the maximum water temperature is well within a safe range.

Offers Scaling Options

Finally, tankless water heaters are the most modular option for scaling your heating equipment to your exact needs. Storage tank style heaters come in a limited number of sizes, so you're stuck using a size larger than you might actually need just to make sure you're always covered. Tankless water heaters can be combined in tandem with practically any number to create just the right amount of heating power, reducing wasted energy and keeping your utility costs under control.

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