High Energy Consumption & Insulation Problems In A House

26 October 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Moving into a house and finding out that it consumes a lot of energy can be an unwelcome surprise. The best way to deal with such a situation is to resolve the problem before you end up spending a substantial amount of money on energy costs. Performing a thorough inspection of the house is the first step towards pinpointing the problems. There are a few areas of a house that can contribute to energy consumption when they need attention. Browse the list below for guidance on what your house needs to stop consuming so much energy.

1. Get Rid of Problems with the HVAC System

When there are things wrong with an HVAC system, they can play a large role in the energy consumption level in a house. The reason is due to the system not being able to function to the fullest extent that is able to. For example, a dirty blower fan assembly can lead to the system having to work harder than usual to produce air. A simple cleaning by a professional can be sufficient enough to prevent an HVAC system from consuming too much energy. However, problems with the coils, thermostat, furnace, and other important parts might require professional attention as well.

2. Examine How Well Doors & Windows Can Be Shut

The level of energy consumption that comes from an HVAC system could be due to other things being wrong in a house. The windows and doors might be the reason for an HVAC system consuming energy. It is important to examine each window and door in your house to find out if they are able to be closed to the fullest extent. For instance, if the frames around the doors are in bad shape, it can prevent them from closing as securely as they should. Old windows and doors can also cause problems, but you can easily get them replaced.

3. Discover the Quality of Insulation in Wall Cavities

A common thing that leads to high energy consumption is an insufficient amount of insulation in a house. You are unable to see through the walls into the cavities, but you can get a general idea of how much insulation they have based on the air that comes through. An insulation company can also be hired to determine how much insulation is in the wall cavities. You can take care of low insulation problems in walls by getting more placed inside, such as spray foam. A professional can explain the different types of foam that can be used, and then he or she can install it on your behalf.