Factors That Affect The Cost Of Siding Installation

25 September 2017
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Different factors influence how much you'll pay to have new siding installed. The size of your home is a big one since a large home or one with two levels or more will need more materials than a small single-level home. Here's a look at some of the other things that affect the cost of siding installation.

The Type And Quality Of The Siding

Different types of siding have different price points. You may love the look of wood siding, but it is one of the most expensive options. If your home has wood siding now, you may need to opt for a less expensive material, such as vinyl, if your budget is tight. Prices vary quite a bit even when it comes to vinyl. You can buy vinyl in different thicknesses or grades. The thicker the vinyl, the more durable it is and the better it insulates, but it is more expensive than budget vinyl siding. Also, the shape of the siding affects the cost too. Long panels are usually the least expensive while shakes can be more costly and require more labor to install.

Whether The Old Siding Needs To Be Removed

You'll probably need to have your old siding torn off before the new siding is put on and this adds to the labor costs and incurs disposal fees. Under the right circumstances, you might be able to have the new siding installed over the old siding. This might be possible if you want to put vinyl over wood and the wood is still in great shape. If the old siding is warped, rotted, or otherwise damaged, it has to be removed. In addition to the condition of the siding, the condition of your house also comes into play. If your house has rotted areas or other types of damage, these should be repaired after the old siding is removed. These repairs can add to the cost of having the siding installed.

The Configuration Of Your House

The price for siding materials is pretty straightforward. You just multiply the price by the square footage. The cost of labor is more complicated. Some homes are more labor intensive than others and it depends on the shape of the home and the number of doors and windows. Placing siding around corners, windows, and doors slows down progress and requires more detailed work. So if your home has interesting architecture or many windows, then the cost of siding installation could be higher.

Other things that affect the cost of having new siding installed are whether you need emergency work or if it can be fit into the contractor's schedule and if you have the work done during the off-season for the contractor. The best way to get an accurate quote is for a siding contractor to measure and inspect your home to determine the quantity of siding needed and the amount of labor required to put it on.