How To Hide Construction Site Supplies In Plain Sight

1 August 2017
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Desperate thieves have been stealing construction site supplies for years. As a contractor, that gets really frustrating. You could hire guards, wall up the supplies, etc., all of which are more expensive than you want to think about. You could also just hide the supplies in plain sight. Here is how.

Rent Several Waste Containers

You know that your iron bar and steel rod bundles are not trash, but you could stow them in a long dumpster as though they were. The particularly nice thing about renting a long dumpster is that several of your lengthy materials, including wood boards and I-beams, would be held in place in a uniform manner. Nothing falls over, tumbles out or gets damaged. Lock up the lid and no thieves can tell that you have unused supplies inside.

The standard-sized dumpster can hold all of your tools and smaller supplies, such as nails, bolts, and nuts. Roll your tool trunk carts in at night and lock it up. If you do not have too many rental dumpsters on site, there is no tip-off that you are hording good supplies in the guise of junk. Talk with Ground Effects Hauling Inc for more information.

Disguise Supplies as a Double-Wide Work Trailer

Contractors can use single or double-wide trailers as office space. While you may not need the extra trailer, consider the fact that you could hide supplies by disguising them as a double-wide trailer. To do this, rent or bring two of the exact same trailers to your construction site.

Place the trailers side-by-side, giving the appearance of a double-wide. Cover the gap on both ends with fire-proof blankets. Then place your most expensive supplies in the middle. Thieves cannot see that there are supplies there, nor are they likely to see in the dark that you have two trailers, not one.

Place ALL Supplies at the Highest Completed Level

If you are working on a multi-story building, place all of your supplies on the highest floor completed. This makes it difficult to see what supplies you have without climbing several stories up. It also discourages would-be thieves from attempting to steal anything because they would have to climb that distance, look for a way to lower the pinched goods, and then climb back down without anyone noticing what was happening. Since you probably use a crane or a construction elevator, make sure these machines are both shut off and the thieves cannot get into them or use them as intended.