Eliminating Gutter Leaks & Drips With New Seamless Gutters on Your Home

25 January 2017
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The gutters on your home are designed to take the runoff from rain and melting snow off the roof and away from the foundation to better protect the foundation of the building. If you still have the older style, piece together the gutter system on your home, it might be time to consider upgrading. Seamless gutters provide leak-free solutions that will better deal with the water coming off the roof and keep it moving to the location you desire.

Gutters and Why They Leak

Old gutter systems were created with many parts. Even the long, main gutters can in sections that had to be assembled and sealed to prevent leaks. Over the years, the sealer breaks down and the seams will begin to allow water to leak through. You will be able to see the water dripping from the seams and causing small holes or divots in the ground below the gutter if it no longer sealed properly.

How to Solve the Leaky Gutter Problem

There are several solutions to resolving leaks in your gutters. You could take the gutters down, clean all the joints, reinstall and reseal the gutters and be good for a while. This is a huge job that would take hours to complete on your own. The better solution is to replace all the existing gutters with new seamless gutters around the home. You will need to hire a contractor to come out and make the gutters to fit your home but when the job is complete, your leaks will be gone.

Laying out the Downspouts and Drainage

Another good reason to hire a contractor to help you with your gutters is drainage. The downspouts need to come off the roof and take the water to a place that has drainage capable of handling the water flow. In some cases, the solution is to install a french drain and direct the water to drain where you want it instead of using natural drainage.

Color and Design Options

Talk with the contractor you intend to use for your seamless gutters about the design options that they can offer. Most companies offer many different colors and can match or contract the gutter color to your home color. There are also some style options but since the gutters are formed on site, you will need to find out if the company has the equipment to create alternative styles when they form the gutter runs. If you are looking for something extremely custom, you may have to seek out a contractor with more advanced equipment to accommodate your design needs.

From standard, white gutters, to one-off, custom colored gutters, replacing your aging gutters and updating the downspouts can increase the resale value of your home and make it more attractive as well as protect the siding, foundation, and flower beds around your home.