Concrete Splash Pads: A Look At Common Assumptions That Can Get In The Way Of Your Summer Fun At Home

23 January 2017
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The hot summer sun is beaming down and the kids want a place to play, so if you are like a lot of parents, you will pull out the hose and allow them to splash around in the water for a while. The only problem with this is that a running hose can leave your backyard a soggy mess. Concrete splash pads are the perfect alternative. These backyard implementations are an area of poured concrete outfitted with various sprinkler heads and a drainage system where your kids can play in the water anytime they like. Even still, a lot of parents will never check for further information about these backyard summertime attractions due to some pretty big assumptions. 

Assumption: Concrete splash pads have rough surfaces that would be hard on kids playing on it. 

Fact: Concrete splash pads are not just ordinary concrete. They do have a grainy surface texture that aids in wicking moisture away from the upper surface where it would cause problems with slipping and falling. However, most concrete splash pads have a coating of polymer or sealer over the material that both protects the surface from erosion and prevents scrapes and skinned knees if someone did happen to slip and fall. 

Assumption: Concrete splash pads expel a lot of water and are hard on your grass. 

Fact: The water dispersed by the various sprinkler heads and water dispensers on the splash pad is actually pretty well contained. The concrete splash pad is outfitted with drainage areas and is installed in a slightly contoured way so dispersed water naturally gravitates toward the drains on the pad itself. The only water you will have to be concerned about is what gets splashed out by people when they are playing, which probably will not be enough to cause problems with your grass. 

Assumption: You have to have a lot of space for a concrete splash pad to be installed. 

Fact: There is no set design of concrete splash pad that you must choose if this is something you would like to have on your property. The splash pad can be small and reserved if you don't have a lot of space to work with, or you can go all out and have a large water play area installed if you have ample room to work with. Even the smallest backyards can be outfitted with a smaller version and it will work just fine. 

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