5 Tips For Helping Your Air Conditioner Run Better

15 February 2016
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The key to keeping your home cool in the summer months is to have an air conditioner that is in good shape. This means taking some extra time to prevent expensive repairs before these actually occur. There are certain things you can do that will assist your unit in running more efficiently and less frequently. By knowing specific tips to help you accomplish this task, you may be able to stay cool in the heat of summer.

Tip #1: Put your unit in the shade

If you're building a new home, you may not think the placement of your unit is necessary. However, by putting your air conditioning unit in the shade rather than the sun, this may help it run less and accomplish more at the same time.

Tip #2: Clear away debris

You will want to ensure all leaves and other debris are away from your unit. Take the time to inspect your outside unit periodically to ensure there aren't unwanted items blocking the unit. These could cause it to run more or may make it necessary to have repairs if left unaddressed.

Tip #3: Turn on the fans

You can alleviate the stress on your air conditioning unit when the temperature is extremely hot outside by turning the fans on inside your home. This will assist in keeping the air circulating throughout your home and may prevent the consistent running of your unit.

Tip #4: Change the filters

One of the least expensive things you can do to keep your home cool and your energy bills lowered is simply changing the air filter. Studies indicate this should be done at least once every three months for optimal results.

Tip #5: Schedule an annual maintenance

Calling an HVAC professional to come to your home at least once a year is important. This will allow your unit to be thoroughly checked and any potential problems to be diagnosed and addressed.

Some of the things this individual can do are lubricate the belts, check the electrical outlet and clean the coils of the unit to name just a few.

The benefits of staying cool inside when the weather outside is miserable are many. This will allow you to be comfortable during extreme outdoor temperatures. Be sure to rely on the expertise of an HVAC contractor in your area if you do need to have any repairs done to your air conditioning unit. To learn more, contact an AC repair company like One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating (West Pasco)