3 Spring Cleaning Tips To Help With Electrical Safety

6 January 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Spring cleaning isn't just about making your home nice and clean -- it also helps with safety. Having a clean, organized and neat household can help prevent accidents, and there are additional steps that you can take during spring cleaning to better improve safety in the home. For example, following these three tips can help you enjoy better electrical safety, which can keep you and your family safe.

1. Clean Up Electrical Cord Clutter

First of all, you should clean up your electrical cord clutter. Check all of your electrical cords for cuts or tears, and swap out the ones that have visible damage, since they are dangerous. Consider switching out long cords for shorter ones, and invest in surge protectors so that you can protect your devices and can avoid pulling too much current from one outlet. If your cords have any slack in them, consider wrapping them up and adding twist ties to help prevent trips and falls.

2. Break Out the Vacuum Cleaner

You will probably already be breaking out your vacuum cleaner for other cleaning needs, so focus on a few things that can help with electrical safety. In conjunction with a stiff wire brush -- which you can use to loosen up stubborn and sticky dust -- you should use your vacuum cleaner attachment to clean your refrigerator coils (just make sure that you unplug it before you get started.) This can help you prevent any potential electrical fires from your appliance and can help it work better. Then, use your vacuum cleaner attachment to clean away lint and dust from your dryer duct.

3. Check Your Electrical Outlets

You might be planning on cleaning your walls and baseboards anyway, so take the time to inspect your electrical outlets. They should not appear singed and should not be hot to the touch. You should also have GFCI outlets in your kitchen and bathrooms. Test to make sure that all of your outlets work and that they don't feel loose. If you have problems with any of your outlets, it's a good time to call an electrician like B & N Electric Company Inc out to take a look at them.

As you can see, spring cleaning can also help you create a more safe home. If you follow these three steps as a part of your spring cleaning routine, you can help prevent electrical shock and electrical fires so that you can keep your family as safe as possible.