2 Reasons To Choose Professional Carpet Cleaning Over DIY Remedies

30 November 2015
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If stains cover your carpets, you may want to use DIY home remedies to clean them. Although some DIY carpet solutions may remove the stains without causing health problems, treatments like ammonia mixed with baking soda or vinegar, can be very dangerous for your health. It's a better idea that you have your soiled carpets professionally cleaned. Here are two reasons to choose professional carpet cleaning over DIY remedies.

Removes Deep Stains From the Backings of Your Carpet

Coffee, wine and other dark liquids can penetrate the fibers of your carpets and create deep stains on their synthetic or natural backings. Even if you manage to remove the surface stains, the stains on your carpets' backings can attract mold, mildew, and bacteria. When these problems occur, they can give off foul odors that permeate your home. 

Professional carpet cleaners use chemicals that penetrate every layer of your carpets to dissolve stains. After the chemicals remove the stains, cleaners agitate the carpets with brushes to break up the dirt that still remains on the backings. These steps allow cleaners to suck the debris with a high-powered vacuum and dry the carpets with an extraction machine or carpet blower fan. 

Your home feels and smells fresher afterward because it's less contaminated with germs. DIY home remedies may not destroy all the dangerous pathogens hiding in your carpets.

Destroys Germs and Other Pathogens

Pathogens, such as bacteria, can grow on the soiled backings of your carpets and spread to the rest of the home through the air. If you tend to feel sick or develop allergens, your soiled carpets may be the culprits. Because carpet fibers are dense, contaminants can hide inside them easily. DIY cleaners, such as vinegar and ammonia, may only get rid of some contaminants in your carpets.  

A number of contaminants use moisture to grow, develop and thrive. If you leave water on your carpets after using a homemade cleaner, the water can soak through to the carpets' backings and attract contaminants. To get completely destroy contaminants, like staphylococcus and MRSA, in your carpets, professional contractors may use natural disinfectants recommended by The Carpet and Rug Institute or some other green organization. These types of chemicals destroy pathogens at the site, which reduces the contaminants that infect the air quality of your home. 

In most cases, professionals combine their chemical treatments with steam cleaning equipment. The equipment removes all of the moisture from your carpets with heat and steam without emitting harsh fumes in the home. Green products don't contain chemicals that release fumes.

If you would like to learn more information about professional carpet cleaning services, contact a contractor (such as one from Conscientious Carpet Care) today.