Four Improvements That Can Take Decades Off An Outdated Bathroom

23 October 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


The bathrooms in your home may be decades old. Completely remodeling your home may not be something that you can afford, but you may still want to do improvements to make your home more modern. There are many things that you can do with an outdated bathroom, such as replacing the curtains with shower doors. Here are some improvements to help you take decades off your bathroom:

1. Replacing An Old Vanity With A Modern Compact Design

If you are limited to the available space you have in your bathroom, you may want to consider replacing the vanity. You can use a compact design to help make the most out of available space. You may event want to consider a narrow wall mounted vanity that will give you more floor space in your bathroom.

2. Adding Shower Doors To Get Rid Of Dingy Curtains

One feature of old bathrooms that you may want to get rid of is the dingy curtains. Adding glass to showers and bathtubs can make your bathroom seem more spacious. Shower doors can be installed to give your bathroom more of a modern look. You may even want to consider a frameless glass installation for a cleaner look.

3. Giving The Floors A Modern Look With New Modern Materials

The floors in your bathroom are another area that you may want to address if you want to have a modern look for your bathroom. Tile and vinyl work really well in a bathroom because they are durable. If you want an affordable option to cover up old tiles, you can use newer vinyl systems that are made to look like hardwoods and can be installed over existing tile. These vinyl flooring systems are installed like engineered wood floors and can easily be installed and removed.

4. Keeping Towels Warm With Heaters And Adding Unique Storage

While you are making improvements to your bathroom, you may also want modern comforts. A towel warmer can be a great addition of modern comfort to your bathroom. You can also add other modern storage solution, such as recessed cabinets and shelves to make the most out of available space. One good idea is to make towel shelves that are hidden behind the heated racks.

These are some tips to help you give your bathroom a modern make over with simple improvements. If you want to get "out with the old," visit a plumbing showroom such as Aurora Plumbing and Electric Supply, Inc to see some of the different solutions you can use for your project.