Three Ways To Find The Right Plumber For Your Job

12 October 2015
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When you have an issue in your home that requires the skill and experience of a plumber, like those at Lewis Plumbing,  simply calling the first name you see in the classified section of your local newspaper isn't necessarily the best strategy. Instead, putting a little extra effort into the process of finding a reputable plumber in your area who suits you budget can help ensure that you're satisfied with the job's end result. Not sure where you should begin? Here are three strategies that can help you find the right plumber for your job.

Reach Out To Friends

If you already know of a friend who works as a plumber, your quest to find a plumber can be a short one. If not, however, it's still useful to talk to your friends. You can ask if any friends have recently hired a plumber and if they were satisfied with the work. Additionally, it's also useful to talk to any friends who are contractors. It's common for contractors of any type to be part of a network of other contractors, and you shouldn't have trouble getting an informed recommendation from someone in this position. Dealing with friends should also ensure that any recommendation you get will be a good one.

Visit A Plumbing Store

A locally owned plumbing store in your community can be a wealth of knowledge when you're looking to hire a plumber. While you might be able to peruse advertisements and business cards posted around the entrance to the store, a better decision is to talk to someone in the plumbing department and see if he or she knows a local plumber to recommend. An employee of the store might also work part-time as a plumber. Larger home supply stores often have policies against their employees recommending local people in the trades, but you won't typically find this regulation at smaller, locally owned businesses.

Check Online Review Sites

Browsing online review websites is an effective way to narrow down your search for a plumber in your area. Such sites allow customers to provide rankings and detailed information on contractors they've hired. By reading a few pages about some plumbers in your area, you'll be able to make a short list of those you might want to hire for your plumbing work. While you should always take extremely positive and extremely negative reviews with a grain of salt, looking at the overall reviews of any given plumber can help you make up your mind.