Quick And Simple Solutions For Keeping Glass Shower Doors Clear

5 August 2015
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If you're thinking of getting frameless shower enclosures with clear glass doors but are wary of the amount of cleaning you might have to do, don't worry. Simple fixes can keep those shower doors looking nice and clean. You do have to be diligent, though, because these fixes need to be done often and usually right after you shower. But if you can handle that sort of schedule, then keeping the doors clean shouldn't interfere with your enjoyment of this sleek, modern style.

Avoid Problems by Using Squeegees

The easiest thing to do to avoid creating a mess on those shower doors is to use a squeegee on them after each shower, or anytime you run the water and get the doors wet. If you can remember to do this religiously, and if you can get family members or roommates to do it as well, the doors will stay pretty much spot-free. Just hang the squeegee in the shower so people have easy access to it. Also, be sure the squeegee you get is a wide one. That makes it easier for people to do the job quickly.

Destroy Spots with Vinegar Solution

Of course, if you forget to use the squeegee, spots are going to form on the glass from minerals in the water, and soap scum will coat portions as well. If you're dealing with mild spots only, ammonia-free glass cleaner should do the job. More prominent hard-water stains call for something more specific, but all you need is regular white distilled vinegar and water.

Mix those up using at least half vinegar and half water in a spray bottle (or use a bigger proportion of vinegar), spray it on the spots, and let it sit for a few minutes. Then try spraying the door with plain water or scrubbing it with a soft cloth. This is essentially the same procedure you'd use to clean off any limescale from hard water, except you're spraying the vinegar solution instead of soaking the fixture in it.

Don't use Ammonia

The glass cleaner mentioned in a previous section was listed as ammonia-free; this is because ammonia can be corrosive if it comes into contact with any metal parts on the doors, such as hinges or handles. Also avoid abrasive materials -- even gentle ones -- because those can create micro-scratches in the glass.

If you'd like more advice on how to clean frameless shower doors, talk to shower installation and glass companies. They can show you the styles of doors they carry and let you know which ones might be tougher than the others. But by following these tips, you should end up with shower doors that shine.