2 Ways That Electrochromic Windows Can Save You Money

23 July 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


When replacing your home's windows, few options offer as many benefits as electrochromic windows. These windows can be set to different levels of darkness to suit your individual needs because there is an electric current running through the glass. 

This allows you to darken the glass to the point where it keeps out the majority of light, or to tint it so that you can enjoy a modicum of privacy while still keeping a good portion of the sun's rays out of your home. Electrochromic windows can also save you money by lowering your utility bills and protecting your furniture.

Utility Bills

One of the most important benefits provided by electrochromic windows is that they can reduce your monthly utility bills by a fair amount. The reason for this is that the darkest setting blocks about 98% of the light.

Since that light will not be entering your home, you will find that the interior of your home is noticeably cooler than it would be if you simply used curtains or had clear or tinted windows. With the vast majority of the light being blocked by the electrochromic window, you will be able to be comfortable in your home without needing to have your air conditioner on as often, or your thermostat set as low to offset the heat.


Finally, electrochromic windows can save you money by slowing down any damage that the light can cause to your furniture's upholstery or other fabric in the home. For example, if a couch or chair is located in an area that gets a lot of direct sunlight, the upholstery can begin to fade. If the couch or chair is made out of leather or vinyl, the sunlight will cause those materials to crack.

In addition, sustained exposure to sunlight can also cause the luster of wooden furniture to fade. Exposure to sunlight also causes wooden floors and carpeting to fade. 

However, electrochromic windows will be able to keep enough sunlight out of your home that you will be able to avoid the issues of fading and cracking upholstery or flooring. This will spare you the substantial expense of having to replace these things.

Ask a contractor today about the many ways that electrochromic windows can benefit you. This window option is ideal for people who want to save money, as you can see from the examples presented here. Make your replacement windows work for you by choosing electrochomic windows for your home.