Bathroom Remodeling Projects Worth Every Penny

10 June 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


You're thinking of investing in a bathroom remodel. Your budget is limited and you want to be sure that the remodel will not only improve the function and appearance of your bathroom, but that it will increase your home value as well.

Remodeling the bathroom can have a rate of return well over 100%. In some real estate markets it can provide a net increase of up to $10,000 dollars. In order for your bathroom remodel to really pay off, consider the following improvements.

  • Add a second bathroom: Older homes are popular with buyers for their charm and character, but many of them are lacking a second bathroom. If this is the case with your home, a second bathroom will make it more marketable and increase the value of the home substantially.

  • Expand to a full bath: Try to find extra space to expand a half bath into a full bath where possible. Allowing for separate bathing areas for home owners, and their children or guests, can increase a home's attractiveness.

  • Add a double vanity: A double vanity with two sinks is a must have for many buyers, especially in the master bathroom.

  • Add a walk-in shower: An elegant walk in shower can be a excellent selling point. Walk-in showers have replaced the garden tub on buyer's priority lists. This is due to hectic schedules that don't leave time for soaking in the bath. Large tubs take up square footage, but are not utilized as much as a steam shower or rainfall walk-in shower.

  • Upgrade cabinets: Due to a higher amount of moisture in the air, bathroom cabinetry can warp or discolor more quickly than kitchen cabinets. Replacing bathroom cabinets with neutral wood and stylish hand pulls can greatly improve the look and feel of your new bathroom.

  • Upgrade floors and counter tops: Stone counter tops are a must-have in remodeled kitchens and the same is becoming true in bathrooms. Bathrooms with granite or marble counter tops and tasteful tile or stone floors will increase the home price.

As in all remodeling projects, you should consider the costs and benefits. Keep your remodeling budget consistent with the current value of your home and the market in your neighborhood. For example a $50,000 bathroom remodel might not make sense in a home worth less than $200,000 dollars. Use common sense on the scale and materials that will best meet the style and value of your home. However, whether you remodel your bathroom to put your home of the market, or you do it just for your own enjoyment, in the long run it will likely be worth every penny.