Preventative Services That Can Save You Money

28 May 2015
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There is the old adage of not fixing things that aren't broke, but sometimes waiting for those things to break means breaking the bank. You can avoid a lot of the bigger fixes just by doing some simple maintenance on a regular basis. While some maintenance is obvious, like changing your oil, other types aren't given much thought until after the major disruption to your life. Here, you can learn about some simple preventative services that can save you money by avoiding large disasters.

Clean Your Drains

Most people find that their drains tend to freeze or clog up easier in the winter time. That's because the things already in the drain are cold and contracting, rather than being warm and having the potential to find their way out of the drain. Rather than waiting until a good hard freeze slows down your hygiene, cooking, and cleaning habits, use drain cleaning services offered by a company like Gold Seal Plumbing to clean the drains before the cold strikes. Learn about some of the high risk groups below so you can determine how important this preventative maintenance is to your home.

  • Households with people who have long hair. You don't even notice it going down the drain, but it's building up a clog every time you shower.
  • Households with children who might be shoving things down the drain. Thank Gotham City for all the crime fighting action figures have to do in the sewers.
  • Households that have garbage disposals. All those little chunks have to go somewhere.

Invest in Heating and Cooling Cleaning

For the average homeowner, the things on heating and cooling units are a mystery that no one thinks of until the temperatures are extreme and the unit isn't working properly. Dust can be your biggest enemy, and it can do a lot of damage. Have your unit cleaned by a professional once a year to avoid issues with dust and debris.

It isn't just that dust can clog your filters. Once your filters and the machines themselves are clogged enough, the unit has to work harder to get results that are less than desirable. Eventually, this can be too much strain for the internal mechanisms and you find yourself wondering why you aren't getting any air flow. Changing your filters helps, but you also need to get the particles out of the unit itself.

Sometimes it pays to think ahead and invest in things like drain cleaning. The bigger expense is an emergency repair job or all the things you have to replace or repair when something in your house isn't working properly.