New To Home Ownership? Don't Forget To Test The Safety Features On Your Automatic Garage Door Opener!

27 May 2015
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Congratulations on your new home! Between unpacking and decorating, there's no doubt you've got a lot on your mind. As you settle in, don't forget to test your new automatic garage door's safety features. Your garage door can weigh several hundred pounds and is the largest moving part in your home. Testing the safety features will help you keep your loved ones, pets and children safe as you enjoy your time in your new house.

Perform the Photo Eye Test

The photo eyes are sensors located at the bottom of your garage door. These sensors are connected by an invisible beam that spans the doorway. When the beam is broken, the closing garage door will stop closing and reverse course.

To find out if the photo eye is working, stand near the doorway at the manual close button. Prompt the door to close by pushing the button. Next, wave a broom or shovel through the doorway to break the invisible beam between the photo eye sensors. When you do this, the door should stop closing. If this doesn't work, wipe the lenses of the photo eyes and try again. Sometimes dirt in the eyes can prevent this safety feature from working properly. 

Test the Automatic Reverse Function

The automatic reverse function will stop your door from closing on any object laying in the path of the doorway. If this function is working properly, your automatic garage door will stop when it encounters something laying in the middle of the open doorway. To test this feature, open the garage door and lay a brick in the center of the doorway. Walk to the manual close button and prompt the door to close. 

The door should close until it reaches the object laying in the doorway. When it touches the brick, your automatic garage door should stop closing and reverse course. 

Know When to Seek Professional Help

As a result of legislation passed over 20 years ago, all automatic garage door openers manufactured on or after January 1, 1993 are required to have the above safety features. By preventing the garage door from closing on a person standing in the way of the garage door, these safety features can save lives. Make testing your garage door a priority today. If any of your the safety features are malfunctioning, or if they seem to be non-existent, it's time to seek help from a local professional to discuss your garage door repairs.