Care Tips To Get Your Pool Through The Winter

16 December 2014
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When winter sets in and your pool is closed for the winter, you may think that you don't have to worry about it again until the warm weather rolls around. However, that's not necessarily true, and if your ignore your pool all winter long, you may have a lot to worry about come spring. So the best thing you can do for your pool is to do a little bit of off-season care, in order to ensure your pool is ready for your swimming enjoyment once summer makes its grand return.

Covering Your Pool

While this is a job you do as you close your pool for the season, it's important in order for your pool to survive the harsh elements of winter. Make sure the cover is a fitted safety cover, as this should ensure that it stays snug all winter long. Your winter chemical program should include a couple of gallons of liquid shock. About a week before you put your cover on, you should pour in a gallon of algaecide. 

Watch the Weather

If you notice a warmer-than-usual fall, you'll want to check the pool and add algaecide or chlorine ahead of the winter season. If you experience heavy rain during the fall season, the chemicals you added before you closed the pool may have flushed out due to the heavy rain. 

You may also want to use some type of enzyme product during the winter that you can pour in when the water is not frozen. This will help to break down the non-living organic contamination that can make their way into the pool's water. This could include pollen, bird droppings, or even contaminants from swimmers that were left over in your pool's water. Using this product can also ensure prevention of the waterline ring that sometimes occurs during the winter and can sometimes require a lot of elbow-grease to clean off when spring arrives. 

Keep The Cover Clean

If your cover has an over abundance of leaves, sticks and debris, you may end up with an accumulation of stagnant water buildup on the cover. That's very difficult to remove and many times can end up in your pool.

It's best to use an air pillow in the middle of the pool when you place your cover on for the winter. This will help dispense the water to the sides of the pool and makes it much easier to remove the cover come spring. 

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