What To Do If Your Retail Store Is Broken Into

4 December 2014
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Finding out that your retail store has been broken into can be heartbreaking, and you could be wondering how to move forward. Luckily, following the right steps can help you get your business back on track as soon as possible, so keep these tips in mind after the break-in occurs:

Make Sure Your Business is Temporarily Secured

First of all, you should make sure that your business is temporarily secured. For example, if your window was broken, then it's important to cover it with a piece of plywood to help prevent additional break-ins while you're waiting on repairs.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Secondly, it's critical to contact your insurance company as soon as possible. Go ahead and take pictures of the damage; then, you will still have solid evidence of what happened if you have your damage repaired before the insurance adjuster is able to visit. Also, call the 24-hour claim line for your insurance company as soon as you find out about the break-in. Then, your insurer can get the ball rolling on having your business repaired and taking other necessary steps.

Hire a Locksmith

It's a good idea to hire a commercial locksmith as soon as possible. Not only can a locksmith help you re-secure your locks and the rest of your building, but you can also get tips and advice on preventing break-ins in the future. For example, your commercial locksmith can help you look for potential entry points and can install additional locks, surveillance cameras, a burglar alarm and more to help keep your business safe and secure.

Talk to Local Law Enforcement

You will need to file a police report as soon as possible. Not only will you probably need a copy of the police report when contacting your insurance company, but you will also want to help local law enforcement find the person who is responsible. Then, there is a chance that your possessions will be restored to you, plus you can help prevent other business owners in your area from going through the same thing.

Communicate with Other Store Owners

If your business is surrounded by other retail stores and local businesses, consider talking to the owners of these companies. This can help alert them to the problem in your area. Plus, the other business owners might be able to help with information about who committed the break-in, such as if someone saw something or has proof on their surveillance cameras.

Dealing with the aftermath of a break-in at your retail store can be highly upsetting. Luckily, following these steps can help you get things back in order as soon as possible and can help make the situation a little less upsetting and overwhelming. To learn more, contact a company like Anderson Lock & Safe, LLC with any questions or concerns you have.