Insulated Vinyl Siding – Is It Right For Your Home?

4 December 2014
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Summer cooling bills and winter heating bills can eat up quite a bit of your yearly budget. Taking measures to improve the efficiency of your home may seem expensive, but the dollar spent in improvements will be returned in the energy savings during the years that you own your home. Have you ever considered having insulated vinyl siding installed on your home?

What is insulated vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding looks a lot like your typical vinyl siding. The only difference in appearance is from the backside of the siding. On the backside of the siding, there is a layer of foam that provides additional insulation for your home.

How much does it cost to have insulated vinyl siding installed on your home?

If your home has 500 square feet of exterior surface area to cover, the cost will average between $1,900 and $2,500 installed. If you choose to install the siding yourself, the materials alone will cost between $1,500 and $2,000.

The cost of non-insulated vinyl siding is not much less than insulated coming in around $1,800 to $2,300 installed or $1,900 to $1,500 for the materials to do it yourself. With such a minor price difference, it is likely in your best interest to spend the small amount more for the insulated vinyl siding.

How does insulated vinyl siding save you money?

The insulated vinyl siding increases the R-value of your home insulation. As the R-value increases, the more efficient your home is. The more efficient your home, the less it will cost you to heat and cool your home.

What are the additional benefits of insulated vinyl siding?

If your existing walls are lacking in insulation, you can quickly have the exterior of your home covered with the insulated vinyl siding. This will help to improve the efficiency of your home without having to go through all of the efforts of installing insulation on the inside of your home.

Note: Insulated vinyl siding is not a substitute for wall insulation in the home. It can help improve the efficiency, but you should still consider having insulation blown into walls that are lacking in quality insulation.

Discuss what insulated vinyl siding can do for your home with an experienced installation technician from places like New Jersey Siding & Windows Inc. He or she will better be able to explain the installation process, give you an estimate for your home, and help you decide if the investment would be worth it in the end.