4 Energy-Saving Alternatives To Window Replacement

4 December 2014
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


You have probably heard a lot about window replacement and how much it can save you on your energy bills, but what if you love your windows? You probably do not want to have them replaced, but you may still be interested in options to help your home save energy. This can be done with various improvements to your home, such as adding window treatments, awnings or even window films. If you want to keep your windows, here are four alternatives to window replacement:

1. Energy Efficient Window Treatments

There are many different types of window treatments that you can install in your home to make your home more energy efficient. This can be something as simple as thermal blinds, which will add insulation to your windows and home. You can also install colonial style louver blinds, which can allow you to control the amount of light that comes into your home from windows.

2. Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane shutters are a great feature to have added to your home. These are installed on the outside of your home, and can help to provide your home with energy efficiency. They can also help to protect your home from storm damage if you live in an area that is prone to storms. These can be costly to have installed, but it will usually cost less than having all the windows in your home replaced.

3. Retractable And Fixed Awnings

You can also have awnings installed on your home to reduce energy costs. Fixed awnings are awnings that will constantly block direct sunlight from your windows. They can be good for areas like a home office where glare from sunlight is a problem any time of the year. For other areas of your home, you may want to consider retractable awnings, which will allow you to block the sunlight when it is hot, and have them tucked out of the way to let sunlight in when it is cold or when you want more natural light in your home.

4. Window Films And Sun Screens

There are also many different types of window films that you may want to add to the windows of your home. These films are especially designed to help you save energy by reducing energy loss. They block UV rays from coming into your home when it is hot, and help to keep the heat in when it is cold. The addition of the film will add insulation to single pane windows that can be drafty in winter months. Check out sites like http://www.flafilms.com/ for more information about this.

These are some alternatives to window replacement, which can cost less and help you save. If you need help with your window projects, contact a window film service to have them start with installing window film on your windows.