Benefits Of Replacing Your Old Windows

3 December 2014
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During the hottest and coldest times of the month, many people may consider getting their old windows replaced. The reason is because of the great benefits associated with such 

Benefits Of Replacing Old Windows

  • Reduce energy bills: Although it may be a larger up-front cost getting new windows, it can save you much more by reducing your utility bills over time. The reason for this is because old windows are often thin (or only one pane) and may not have efficient seals. This allows unwanted heat or cold to seep in your home.
  • Safety: Old windows are easy to break and easier to take out; this may mean more break-ins. New windows have greater technology and efficiency to back them up.
  • Aesthetics: Newer windows can really give your house a lift. It can also increase the worth overall of your home. New windows are a great investment, whether you are planning on selling or staying.

New windows will also reduce the outside noise. This can be especially critical if you live in a high-traffic area or if there is on-going construction.

Finding The Best Window Options For Your Home

If you have made the decision to replace those old windows in your home, it is important to what is best for you and your home. Keep in mind your many options.

  • Direction of Opening: Though most windows open side-to side, you may want to consider a new option, such as one that pushes out at the top or the bottom on hinges.
  • Thickness: Typically a double pane is best. It reduces noise, protects against break-ins, and adds to the overall efficiency of the window.
  • Size/Shape: Most windows are rectangular in shape. However, if you want to mix it up a little, speak with the professionals. Windows come in all shapes and sizes. The shape of the window, circular for example, will add a more classic feel to the home. However, keep in mind that keeping the existing frame of the window will decrease cost while changing this completely will increase your costs.
  • Level of Transparency: You may want to consider a more cloudy appearance when looking to replace your bathroom windows. This gives an added amount of privacy.
  • Latch: a stronger closing mechanism that will not easily open from the outside creates greater safety and decreases drafts.

Reap the rewards now and later by replacing your windows. Happy window shopping! 

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